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Jäähyväisvalssi Milan Kundera


Milan Kundera

Published 1973
320 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It is hard to imagine anything more chilling & profound than Kunderas apparent lightheartedness.--Elizabeth PochodaIn this dark farce of a novel, set in an old-fashioned Central Euroepean spa town, eight characters are swept up in an accelerating dance: a pretty nurse & her repairman boyfriend- an oddball gynecologist- a rich American (at once saint & Don Juan)- a popular trumpeter & his beautiful, obsessively jealous wife- an unillusioned former political prisoner about to leave his country & his young woman ward. Perhaps the most brilliantly plotted & sheerly entertaining of Milan Kunderas novels, Farewell Waltz poses the most serious questions with a blasphemous lightness that makes us see that the modern world has deprived us even of the right to tragedy. Written in Bohemia in 1969-70, this book was first published in 1976 in France under the title La valse aux adieux (Farewell Waltz), & later in thirty-four other countries. This beautiful new translation, made from the French text prepared by the novelist himself, fully reflects his own tone & intentions. As such it offers an opportunity for both the discovery & the rediscovery of one of the very best of a great writers works.